Bearded Dragon Insurance

Get a quote to insure your Bearded Dragon. We can cover up to £1,000 of vet fees, death from an accidental injury or illness and theft.

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How much does Bearded Dragon insurance cost?

Bearded Dragon insurance starts from around £4 a month spread over 10 months, depending on the cover level you choose, the value of your pet and the number of pets you insure on the policy.

Why choose ExoticDirect?

Sadly there's no NHS for pets meaning beardie owners can get faced with high vet bills.

During 2017 we helped dozens of reptile owners, paying claims such as £572 for a Beardie with Gout and £441 for a Beardie with Adenovirus.

  • We've been insuring exotic pets since 1996 and are the only UK insurer of reptiles
  • There's no initial payment required on the Direct Debit scheme
  • 79% of our customers renew their policies with us
  • We aim to process claims within 5 working days
  • We can pay your vet directly
  • We offer a (0% APR) Direct Debit scheme with payments spread over 10 months

Making a claim with ExoticDirect

If you do need to make a claim, we try and make things as easy as possible for you:

  • You can get a claim form from our website
  • We aim to turn claims around within five working days
  • We’re a UK based team, with friendly knowledgeable advisers
  • We can pay your vet directly

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Alternatively you can call us on 0345 982 5505

Bearded Dragon care

Bearded Dragons can go into a form of hibernation. This is known as brumation. Read our article on: Bearded Dragons and Brumation.

What do Bearded Dragons eat? Try reading Bearded Dragon food advice .

What's the cost of keeping a Bearded Dragon? Bearded Dragon costs - how much it costs to own a Bearded Dragon.

We recommend that you get your Bearded Dragon registered with a vet before he or she gets ill. Find a reptile vet.

Policy Benefits

Interest Free Direct Debit

You can easily spread the cost of your policy over 10 months with our interest free (0% APR) Direct Debit Scheme. We also offer a choice of 3 payment dates, so that you can pick which is best for you.

Suitable policies

We don’t believe in one size fits all policies, as these aren’t best for your pet or your budget. Our policy cover is designed to be suitable for your pet type. All you need to do is decide the level of cover you require.

Peace of mind

We're proud to hold a 79% renewal rate, demonstrating the value our insurance holds for our customers.

5 day claims turnaround

We aim to process claims within 5 days of receipt, so that you’re not left waiting for a claim decision at a difficult time.

Recent Claims

  • Degu - Lump - £413
  • Dwarf Lop Rabbit - Glaucoma - £766
  • Polecat Ferret - Anorexia and Lethargy - £522
  • Bearded Dragon - Respiratory Infection - £668
  • Blue & Gold Macaw - Aspergillosis - £1135
  • Hermanns Tortoise - Post Hibernation Anorexia - £1405
  • Corn Snake - Peritonitis - £350