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What can Blue-tongued skinks eat?

Blue-tongued skinks (Tiliqua scincoides intermedia) are an opportunistic omnivorous species.

Read more 20 Oct 2020
What parrots can live together?

Can pet parrots live together? There are too many variables to give a clear cut - yes they can, or no, they cannot

Read more 9 Oct 2020
Tortoise parasites - worms

Parasitic worm eggs under the microscope  - each type has its own distinctive appearance, so they can be identified and counted, enabling the severity of an infection to be assessed from a faecal sample. 

Read more 7 Oct 2020
Guinea pig names

With so many Guinea pig names to choose from, which one will you pick?

Read more 18 Aug 2020
Parrots and sleeping

A 12 hour sleep cycle is the norm for many parrots. How you can achieve this in the best possible way for your parrot, and you? 

Read more 16 Jul 2020
Best pet lizards

Every lizard requires specialist care, regardless and most people looking for a ‘beginner’ lizard are doing so because children will be involved with its care. Therefore my beginners list incorporates this as a ranking order, to determine easiest from hardest

Read more 3 Jul 2020
Tortoise respiratory infection

A discharge from the nostrils provides the best indication of a respiratory infection in the early stages. The tortoise will usually appear healthy and be eating well. 

Read more 7 May 2020
What do parakeets eat?

Parakeets are mainly grainvores and when living in their wild state eat seeds and grasses which account for many of them being ground feeders. Many species will forage on the forest floor or savannah and dig up various food items.  They feed on seeding grasses far more than large parrots. 

Read more 29 Apr 2020
Coronavirus updates and advice for concerned pet owners

Advice on how cororonavirus and pets and what you should do if you have the virus.

Read more 29 Apr 2020
Iguana vivarium setup

How to setup your iguana's vivarium including vivarium size, lighting, heating, humidity and substrate.

Read more 9 Apr 2020
Working from home with pets during the coronavirus outbreak

How are your pets helping you when working-from-home during the coronavirus outbreak? Meet AlbertCookie, Jagger the Dragon, Frodo and Tilly who are all keen co-workers for their now working-from-home humans. 

Read more 6 Apr 2020
Coronavirus - Which pet shops are offering delivery

To help you stay at home as much as possible during the quarantine we've created a list of exotic pet retailers that deliver.

Read more 24 Mar 2020
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