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Python costs: How much does it cost to keep a Royal (Ball) python?

Royal pythons, or Ball pythons, make excellent first-time snakes but like all reptiles kept as pets they need controlled conditions to thrive. Learn how much that’s likely to cost.

Read more 30 Nov 2018
Do you need a licence for a Bird of Prey?

Thinking of buying a Bird of Prey? Find out what licences you'll need....

Read more 9 Nov 2018
Guinea Pig costs: How much does it cost to keep a guinea pig?

Guinea pigs are small and sociable animals. They are considered to be great first pets for children and are relatively easy to look after. See how much it'd cost you to have one

Read more 30 Oct 2018
African grey and Timneh grey parrots - CITES Appendix 1

African and Timneh grey's are now on Appendix 1 of CITES, so if you're selling your pet you'll need an Article 10 certificate. Find out what ownership evidence you can provide to DEFRA if you don't already hold a certificate. 

Read more 26 Oct 2018
Best parrots to have as pets

Find out what's the best kind of parrot to have as a pet, and what you should expect. 

Read more 19 Oct 2018
Royal (Ball) pythons as pets and what setup you need

Royal (Ball) pythons can made great pets for beginners. But what setup do you need? This article is packed with advice from vivarium size, to heating, lighting, substrate and more. 

Read more 5 Oct 2018
Parrots in the cold

Do parrots tolerate cold weather? What's the ideal temperature for your pet parrot and how do you know if it's ill? Read on to find out...

Read more 27 Sep 2018
Tortoise behaviour

From head banging to squeaking, what does your tortoise's behaviour mean?

Read more 17 Sep 2018
Which tortoise should you get?

Find out about the size, weight and care requirements for Testudo and Geochelone tortoises. A great article for beginners and those wanting to learn more about tortoise breeds. 

Read more 29 Aug 2018
Why do parrots dance

Parrots have danced their way into neuroscientists' laboratories as we try to understand what's behind their talant for dancing

Read more 20 Aug 2018
How to control your Bearded Dragons heat when it's hot weather

There comes a time here in the UK where we do actually get some warm weather. While many of us will lap it up and lavish in its wonder, there will be many of us scratching our heads, and somewhat panicking regarding the heat playing havoc with our Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps) enclosures....

Read more 30 Jul 2018
Pygmy hedgehog setup

From keeping your hedgehog warm to providing enough exercise, we explore what you need for a great Pygmy hedgehog setup.

Read more 17 Jul 2018
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