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What do Iguanas eat?

Learn how to keep your Iguana healthy by feeding them the best diet

Read more 17 Jul 2019
How to bond with a parrot

To bond with your parrot you'll need to earn her trust by playing with her, preening, training and feeding her.

Read more 17 Jun 2019
What are good lizard names: male, female, famous and fictional

What should you call a pet lizard? We sought inspiration from fellow lizard owners, social media star reptiles and the most famous fictional lizards to give you some ideas.

Read more 12 Jun 2019
Do tortoises need pellets as part of their diet?

Should you be feeding your tortoise pellets and why? And what mistakes have manufacturers made in the past? Read our guest writer...

Read more 22 May 2019
Guinea pig noises and their meanings

Ever wondered what your Guinea Pig is trying to tell you? Move over Dr Dolittle, while we explain all

Read more 16 Apr 2019
How to feed your Cockatiel

Do you know the best diet for Cockatiels? Which foods should you avoid and what can you give them as a treat?

Read more 2 Apr 2019
How to care for a tortoise after hibernation

Do you know how to care for your tortoise after its emerged from hibernation? What should you do, and when should you be concerned?.....

Read more 15 Mar 2019
Crested Gecko Diet: what to feed your crested gecko

The humble little Crested Gecko 'Correlophus Ciliatus' aka - Crestie, has been, and still is a very popular reptile among new and experienced keepers today, but the best diet for Crested Geckos is not as simple as it seems. Here's what you need to know.

Read more 27 Feb 2019
Feeding Royal (Ball) pythons

How often should you feed your Royal (Ball) python? What size prey? And other feeding questions...

Read more 15 Jan 2019
How to teach your pet parrot recall

Find out how to teach your bird fly to you, and the techniques you should be using. 

Read more 10 Jan 2019
How much does it cost to keep a ferret?

Do you know how much it costs to buy and look after a ferret? Learn more about keeping ferrets as pets.

Read more 2 Jan 2019
Sexing your Bearded Dragon

Do you know how to tell the sex of your Beardie? Pete Hawkins explains how....

Read more 29 Nov 2018
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