Exotic Mammal Insurance

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Exotic Mammal Insurance

We offer insurance for a wide range of exotic mammals including Pygmy Hedgehogs , Micro Pigs, Skunks, Sugar Gliders, Meerkats, and many more.

We paid 93% of pet insurance claims in 2021.

How much does exotic mammal insurance cost?

Prices start at around £4 a month for a Basic policy covering death and theft only. This is based on an exotic mammal costing up to £200.

Why choose ExoticDirect?

A range of policies to suit you and your pet.

Basic Essential Premier
Vet fees Not included £2,000 £2,000
Death Tick Tick
Theft Tick Tick
Weather Perils Tick Tick
You can add up to 3 pets per policy Tick Tick Tick

We don’t believe in one size fits all policies, as these aren’t best for your pet or your budget. Our policy cover is designed to be suitable for your pet type, get a quote today.

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