Dwarf Russian Hamster Insurance

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Dwarf Russian Hamster Insurance

Your adorable hamster deserves the best care. Our insurance can cover your hamster for up £2,000 in vet fees. And if you have more than one hamster, we can cover those too.

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Why should I insure my Russian Dwarf Hamster?

Whether you own the cute Campbells Russian Dwarf, with his little stripe on his back, and his grey furry tummy, or a Russian Winter White Dwarf hamster, with his amazing ability to turn white in the wild - your hamster is amazing!

So why take the risk with his health? Vet fees are steadily increasing, as technology improves. After all amazing vet treatment costs money.

So now its more and more likely that the un-treatable conditions are becoming the treatable conditions. Whether you own big burly dog, or a cute little hamster - their chances of getting better are improving.

Insurance can give your hamster that opportunity. So that he can carry on climbing around his cage, playing in your hands and being the little fur ball of love that you and your family adore.

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