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Tortoise respiratory infection

A discharge from the nostrils provides the best indication of a respiratory infection in the early stages. The tortoise will usually appear healthy and be eating well. 

Read more 7 May 2020
What do parakeets eat?

Parakeets are mainly grainvores and when living in their wild state eat seeds and grasses which account for many of them being ground feeders. Many species will forage on the forest floor or savannah and dig up various food items.  They feed on seeding grasses far more than large parrots. 

Read more 29 Apr 2020
Coronavirus updates and advice for concerned pet owners

Advice on how cororonavirus and pets and what you should do if you have the virus.

Read more 29 Apr 2020
Iguana vivarium setup

How to setup your iguana's vivarium including vivarium size, lighting, heating, humidity and substrate.

Read more 9 Apr 2020
Working from home with pets during the coronavirus outbreak

How are your pets helping you when working-from-home during the coronavirus outbreak? Meet AlbertCookie, Jagger the Dragon, Frodo and Tilly who are all keen co-workers for their now working-from-home humans. 

Read more 6 Apr 2020
Coronavirus - Which pet shops are offering delivery

To help you stay at home as much as possible during the quarantine we've created a list of exotic pet retailers that deliver.

Read more 24 Mar 2020
Visiting a vet during the coronavirus outbreak

What to expect if you need to visit a vet during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Read more 20 Jul 2020
How are ExoticDirect are handling coronavirus?

Our business processes have changed slightly due to the Coronovirus outbreak. Find out more detail in our article.

Read more 22 May 2020
How to stop rabbits chewing everything

If your rabbit is destroying your home by chewing everything, it's likely it needs more enrichment to prevent it getting bored.

Read more 10 Jan 2020
What can budgies eat?

Wild budgerigars are ground feeding seed and grass feeders. Grains and grasses provide the bulk of their intake in the wild. They move in flocks often thousands in number and fly enormous distances in their native Australia.

Read more 28 Nov 2019
Rabbit names - from female, to male, funny to famous rabbit names

Needing name ideas for your new rabbit? Then check our list of female, male, famous and funny....

Read more 21 Nov 2019
Crested gecko setup: How to setup a complete crested gecko terrarium

The humble little Crested Gecko is a very popular reptile among new and experienced keepers today. But it’s a reptile that has specific care needs which we shall go through in this article. With an average captive lifespan of 15 years, you need to get this right from day 1.

Read more 13 Nov 2019
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