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Parrot Insurance

Premier, our highest level of cover, offers £5,000 of vet fees, death and theft cover.

And our Essential policy covers £2,500 of vet fees, death and theft.

Our Basic policy covers death and theft only.

We can insure African Greys, Macaws, Amazons, Cockatoos, Alexandrines, Galahs and more.

Exotic Direct are the UK’s no. 1 exotic pet insurance provider with thousands of pet owners choosing to insure their pet with us every year.

How much does parrot insurance cost?

Based on an African Grey costing £1,850 in August 2021, our highest level of cover Premier, costs £309.84 a year or 10 instalments of around £30.98. It offers up to £5,000 of cover for vet fees, death and theft.

Next step down, our Essential policy costs £280.72 a year or 10 instalments of approximately £28.07. It covers up to £2,500 of vet fees, death and theft.

Our cheapest level of cover costs £231.44 a year or it can be spread over 10 instalments of around £23.14. Our Basic policy covers death and theft only and does not include vet fees.

The cost of cover varies depending on the value of your bird. As an example, for a £200 bird, our Basic policy costs as little as £42.87 a year, or 10 instalments of around £4.28.

All insurance prices were correct in August 2021.

Insurance for older parrots

We can insure birds up to any age, as long as they’re over 12 weeks. So whether your parrot is 12 weeks, 12 years, or even 50 years old, we can insure it, as long as our Policy Terms and Conditions. are met.

You can estimate your bird’s age during the application if you’re not sure.

Can you insure birds that have recently been sick?

If your bird has received vet treatment for an accident or illness in the 3 months prior to your policy start date, we won’t be able to insure it until 3 months after the treatment has ended.

After this, you can insure your bird, but any pre-existing conditions will be excluded in the first 12 months of cover.

Your bird will need to be fit and healthy at the time of policy purchase. Cover is subject to Policy Terms and Conditions.

Why buy parrot insurance?

Parrot insurance can cover the cost of unexpected bills should your bird become ill or be injured.

This can mean choices about treatment are not as constrained by budget and during a stressful time you can focus on getting the right care for your parrot.

Caring for your parrot

Parrots are cute, intelligent and demanding. But they make wonderful companions and are rewarding pets.

As a parrot owner you’ll ensure your bird has everything it needs. The correct setup, food, time, love and attention. And insurance can form a part of this vital care package.

Sadly, as prey animals, parrots are hard-wired to hide illness, meaning they may not show symptoms until they’re quite poorly.

Conditions such as Aspergillosis, (a fungal infection, that can be chronic or acute) and Fatty liver disease, which is usually caused by an incorrect diet are just two conditions seen by Exotic Direct.

If you suspect your parrot is ill, it's important you get care as soon as possible, to ensure the best possible outcome.

Pet insurance can help cover those costs. You can get a quote here.

Why choose ExoticDirect?

A range of policies to suit you and your pet.

Basic Essential Premier
Vet fees Not included £2,500 £5,000
Death Tick Tick Tick
Theft Tick Tick Tick
Weather Perils Tick Tick Tick
You can add up to 3 pets per policy Tick Tick Tick

We don’t believe in one size fits all policies, as these aren’t best for your pet or your budget. Our policy cover is designed to be suitable for your pet type, get a quote today.

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