Pet Insurance for birds, mammals and reptiles

Recent Claims

  • Bearded Dragon - Jaw Abscess - £410
  • Burmese Python - Anorexia - £796
  • Green Iguana - Stomatitis - £313
  • Leopard Tortoise - Mycoplama Pneumonia - £633
  • White Cockatoo - Respiratory Problems - £468
  • Ferret - Renal Insufficiency - £256
  • Skunk - Fractured Left Femur - £1062

Policy Benefits

Interest Free Direct Debit

You can easily spread the cost of your policy over 10 months with our interest free (0% APR) Direct Debit Scheme. We also offer a choice of 3 payment dates, so that you can pick which is best for you.

Suitable policies

We don’t believe in one size fits all policies, as these aren’t best for your pet or your budget. Our policy cover is designed to be suitable for your pet type. All you need to do is decide the level of cover you require.

Peace of mind

Over 93% of our customers renewed their insurance with us in 2015. Offering them continued peace of mind against unexpected vet fees, mortality, theft or loss.

5 day claims turnaround

We aim to process claims within 5 days of receipt, so that you’re not left waiting for a claim decision at a difficult time.

What our customers say

Everything was dealt with between the insurance company and the vets. We did not have to worry about anything We would definitely recommend this insurance company and would not have a healthy Hermione without them.

Insure your Tortoise

Hermione the Tortoise